Language school in Málaga. NECFE (New England Centre For English), is a studies centre established in February 1986 as an English Academy in Málaga. We currently teach in ‘barriada La Paz’, in Carretera de Cádiz sorroundings, Western Málaga.

Thank to our students, who have oriented and guided us with their requirements and suggestions during our business trajectory, we have expand our educational offer by adding support classes, preparation for resits and for the university entrance exam ‘selectividad’ and courses for entrance exam in medium and higher professional training, within others.

Every single student has grown professionally due in part to our teaching work. With our daily work we haven’t only contributed to make their training path a bit easier, but we have also grown and our school keeps growing. We have included a first floor in our facilities and we keep upgrading with very ambitious projects we’ll put into practice in a close future to improve day by day and try to be a language school in Málaga capable of attending every requirement from our students.

So as a language school in Málaga, we would like to invite you to come to our facilities where we’ll be delighted to attend you and explain our method, show our modern facilities and if you wish to set up an appointment to do our level test so you can check your current English level. In our academy we count on bilingual and qualified professors who are really experienced in the training sector for both children and adults. In addition, we are a centre that prepares for official exams on A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels. Our groups are small ones, having a maximum of 12 students per classroom.

More than 2.500 students

We want to thank to our more than 2.500 students from several generations their trust and hopefully to contribute to the future of your sons, grandsons and, why not, your own, to be more solid due to a proper preparation and the effort of everyone.
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